PUNXofRAGE/Almighty StreetTeam


Real Name: Cyrus Young
Alias/Superhero name: Dodger
Occupation: Co-operator of a successful bookstore on the Northside of Rage City. Has a pseudo persona who sells incense on the subway train, to gather information.
Main Base of Operations: North side of Rage/Mobile
Team Affiliation: PUNXofRAGE/StreetTeam

Intelligence (110-119 being high average; 120-144 being exceptional; 145 and above being genius) Dodger is 119

Known Relatives: Ricky Young(Father); Stephanie Young(Sister)

Height: 6 ‘6’
Weight: 255
Age: 27
Nationality: African American
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Black

Powers/ Physical abilities: Dodger does not have super powers. Like most of the PUNXofRAGE members, Dodger relies on his physical prowess and will when battling. He is an expert grappler with a strong background in wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

Limitations: Facing opponents with speed is one of Dodger’s major weakness

Martial Discipline: Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu

Weapons/Equipment: Dodger carries an aluminum bat that he has titled “The Judge”. It’s usually utilized to employ his form of justice.

History: “You have to stand up for yourself son, don’t ever let anyone take anything from you ever! It doesn’t matter if they are bigger then you. If they get what you got then got dammit they better know that they’ve been in the fight of their muthafucking life!” Those are the words of Ricky Young, the father of both Cyrus Young and his older brother Rickey Young jr. and those words stuck with Cyrus when he was just a young man. One day, a group of bigger kids attacked and intimidated the Young brothers and took their brand new bicycle leaving them both to tearfully run upstairs and report what had just happened to their father. He promptly grabbed his bat, marched his two boys back outside and launched a hunt to find the neighborhood perpetrators. He found them arrogantly hanging outside the liquor store with the bikes, calmly walked over to the group and laid bat to head crushing the older thugs. The Young brothers took their bike back and at the same time acquired one of the most valuable lessons of their early lives. It would be many more of those lessons that their father would instill in them. The importance of family. The importance of a strong community. The importance of being a stand up man. A value system and a set of morals that led both Cyrus and Ricky jr. to become young pillars of their community. It would be those values, those morals that would force the Young brothers to intervene when an two assailants began to assault an innocent woman on the subway train. It was late and the city’s residents had become used to turning a blind eye when these things happened. This night would be different. The Young brothers intervened and fought off the assailants, but one of them was armed. This assailant fired one shot that struck Ricky Young jr. in the heart. Over the years after his brother’s death, Cyrus grew more angry and distant. The “no snitching code” that infected the streets of his city was a travesty. Even though thirteen people on the train had witnessed the assault all of them confessed to not seeing anything, and the police never made any arrests in the murder. Cyrus obsessed over his brother’s undeserved fate. Over Rickey’s lost full academic scholarship to attend M.I.T, his dreams to be a Los Angeles Dodger, all gone. One night, Cyrus once again witnessed another assault, this time it was three large men getting the best of an older gentleman. Cyrus watched a couple just stroll by, not once even looking in the direction of the brutal assault taking place. Ignoring his cries for help. Cyrus did not. He put on his shoulder pads, an old Hockey mask his brother had bought for him and his fathers bat. He ran out and engaged the thugs and fought them off. The older man who he had saved could not thank him enough. The neighborhood swelled out into the streets showing their appreciation. Cyrus would not stop. Assuming the name Dodger to honor his brother he made it his mission in life to take back his community, his city. His Uncle had once told him that in what ever you do always give 100 percent. It was the reason he had chose the number 99 when he pursued his athletic endeavors. That 99 would become the brand of justice. If you saw a 99 on your block then that block was guarded by Dodger and the emerging warriors who joined his cause, the PUNXofRAGE.


Pencils: Stanley Weaver

Inks: Chris Turner

Colors: Christian Alvarado

(C) Joe Robinson Currie