Name: Darian Watts

Alias: Reaction

Height: 6 2′

Weight: 225

Occupation: Cleric/ Vigilante

Weapons: Bo Staff (blessed)

Equipment: n/a

Base of Operations: Rage City

Group Affiliation: Guardians of Light

Powers/Enhanced Skills: Reaction is an exceptional Martial Artist. He has mastered a variety of Matial Arts. He is highly skilled with a Bo Staff.

Reaction has been gifted with the Divine he has the ability to harness the Divine  for a variety of effects Including Augmented Strength & Endurance. Speed. Dimensional travel.

First Appearnce: Reaction “The Ultimate Man” #1



Darian Watts is a man of complexity. As one of the last mortals to ever hear the voice of God. Darian has been blessed with the power of divine. The literal power source that pumps through the engine of heaven and all of it’s residents. Darian is the vanguard of  of a very small list of mortals that wage war on the earth plane. He has appeared in many guises but currently comfortable with a slightly subtle approach. Never the less he is still a force to be reckoned with. Often aligning himself with those that fight for the light. He is a respected elder for the vigilant.  The streets of Rage are his current home but the network of guardians are worldwide and if he is summoned to other parts of the globe he will answer the call.

Currently he sides with a young group of Vigilantes who risks it all to fight against those who would attempt to bring chaos to their city.

In Rage there is another Power house. She is the woman of science and legend. Known to the public as Prodigy.  A relationship that has presented some fundamental difficulties but now has cooled in current time.

Reaction will stand with those who serve the light against any adversary and will never be moved from that position.