Jawbreakerz imageName: Rico & Charles Granger

Alias: n/a

Height: 5’9′

Weight 175

Occupation: Defenders of the Culture

Weapons: Skate Boards

Equipment: Aerosol cans, Sharpies, Shoe Polish

Base of Operations: Mobile/Rage City

Group Affiliation: JawBreakers/ Tribe 99

Powers: n/a

Special Skills: Both twins are Highly skilled with a skateboard. They have combined their street fighting prowess with their abilities to use a skateboard creating a very formidable and unique martial style.

First Appearnce: PUNXofRAGE Vol1.  “Off the Platform”Book #0


Rico Granger and his twin brother Charles make up the tagteam fighting unit known through out the westside of Rage City as the Jawbreakers.

Rico is a graf writer and his work can be seen all across Rage City. He can brawl with the best of them but often takes a back seat to his brother when it comes one on one challenges.

Charles is an accompished B-Boy Master and often blends his arial skateboard techniques with his prowess as a B-Boy when he goes into battle.

There is a calling in the culture that both brothers obey but they now feel a need to use their skills in a more offensive manner. They were not exactly sure what method they would take but in their heart they new it was time for a stand. The city had deteriorated into a cesspool of despair and corruption.

They could feel the soul of the culture wilting and becoming sour with every day that passed.

Like everyone else in the city. They started  hearing rumors of a large vigilante taking matters into his own hands and wrecking shop against various criminal elements.

The stories of what he was doing on the subway had become legendary and some what frightening.

The twins decided to track down this “DODGER”. Upon meeting him there was a bit of a misunderstandingand a fight broke out between the brothers and Dodger, A battle that ended in a stalemate. After the fact the Jawbreakers and Dodger squared things and quickly found out that they had a mutual enemies. The Jawbreakers officialy jumped on board and created a very lethal combination.

Pencils: Stanley Weaver

Inks & Colors: Chris Turner

(c) Joe Robinson Currie