Name: Stephanie Young

Alias: Serious

Height: 5 ‘5’

Weight 110

Occupation: Vigilante/Poet

Weapons: Bo Staff

Equipment: n/a

Base of Operations: The Warehouse/Rage City

Group Affiliation:  Tribe 99

Powers/Enhanced Skills:  Serious is an exceptional Martial Artist with kickboxing being her dominant discipline.

First Appearnce: PUNXofRAGE Vol1.  “Off the Platform”Book #1

Stephanie Young is the baby sister of her infamous brother Cyrus Young aka “DODGER”

Stephanie is a natural leader. She’s an anchor in her community as she actively participates in her neighborhood community center. First one in and always the last one out.

As Stephanie’s profile began to grow in the city, she started to appear on the radars of some of the city’s powerful criminal organizations. They didn’t like the fact that she was  inspiring confidence and courage to a people who had become complacent and conditioned to live in fear.

It would be a cold winter night that would change the course of her life as she knew it. After staying extremely late at the the community center. Stephanie and a young student she had been babby sitting  were leaving the center when she was jumped by the  “Insane Shadows”, A notorious street gang with a hot reputation for being brutal.

Stephanie found herself out numbered and fighting for her life until the fearsome vigilante known as Dodger appeared and crushed the shadows. Sending them slithering back into there holes.

Stephanie had heard of the vigilante but never got a clean look until that night. She recognized her brother instantly.

The rest is history.

Although he initially refused to have her on the team. She didn’t take no for an answer by often following him and the rest of the Punx they went on patrol.

Dodger eventually gave and begrudingly allowed her to join. She has proven to be invaluable often taking a leadership role in the absence of Reaction or Dodger.

Pencils: Stanley Weaver

Inks: Chris Turner

Colors: Christian Alvarado

(c) Joe Robinson Currie