Azana color

Name: Azana Carver

Alias: n/a

Height: 6 ‘1’

Weight 160

Occupation: Vigilante/Rider

Weapons: n/a

Equipment: Pinnacle labs prototype motorcycle

Base of Operations: Mobile/Rage City

Group Affiliation: Team Prodigy/ Tribe 99

Powers/Enhanced Skills: Azana has the ability to make duplicates of herself that can be utilized in what ever way she deems fit. How many duplicates she can make of herself is still unknowned. There is considerable more strain when she attempts to make more then a dozen.

First Appearnce: PUNXofRAGE Vol1.  “Off the Platform”Book #2


Azana Carver is the daughter of one of the world’s most celebrated superheroes. “PRODIGY”.

For a long period of time Prodigy was belived deceased but the truth came to light through some very expensive and dangerous intelligence. Azana found out that her mother was very much alive but imprisoned in a government installation. She immediately sought out her father to recieve his bleesing to undergo the same procedure her mother had gone through to get her powers. She wanted in on the rescue effort.

The process was a success gifting her with a set of abilities that differed from her Mothers but none the less very formidable.

The rescue effort was bittersweet. Azana lost her Father and Uncle  in the battle to free her Mother. A memory that haunts her to this day.

As the daughter of Prodigy, Azana feels the pressure of expectation. She absolutely rebels against that idea and finds riding her bike  to be a form of freedom.

She is usually riding alone but can sometime be found riding with a mysterious band of female riders.

She loves Rage City and has found herself very attracted to its bat weilding Avenger.


Pencils: Stanley Weaver

Inks: Chris Turner

Colors: Christian Alvarado.

(c) Joe Robinson Currie